HR-RCNN: Hierarchical Relational Reasoning for Object Detection

Hao Chen, Abhinav Shrivastava

Keywords: object detection, visual reasoning, attention, hierarchical reasoning

Abstract: Incorporating relational reasoning in neural networks for object recognition remains an open problem. Although many attempts have been made for relational reasoning, they generally only consider a single type of relationship. For example, pixel relations through self-attention (e.g., non-local networks), scale relations through feature fusion (e.g., feature pyramid networks), or object relations through graph convolutions (e.g., reasoning-RCNN). Little attention has been given to more generalized frameworks that can reason across these relationships. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical relational reasoning framework (HR-RCNN) for object detection, which utilizes a novel graph attention module (GAM). This GAM is a concise module that enables reasoning across heterogeneous nodes by operating on the graph’s edges directly. Leveraging heterogeneous relationships, our HR-RCNN shows great improvement on COCO dataset, for both object detection and instance segmentation.

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